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In 2009 two sisters, Polly Hart and Kirsten Skoglund, gave life to Lila and Claudine’s Yarn & Gift Shop.  The two are as different as day and night, much like their Grandmothers for whom they named the shop after.


Kirsten takes after the plain-Jane Claudine, wearing her sensible shoes and concentrating on function rather than form. Conservative to her core, “everything in moderation don’t cha know”, except when it comes to chocolate cake.  Polly, takes after the wild, blue haired Lila. To Polly, everything should be a visual experience, something that makes your mind fire on all cylinders.  The two grandmothers are rolling in their graves, having a good chuckle, as they watch these two sisters have fun with the legacy that they left behind.


The space is designed by Polly and stocked by Kirsten. Kirsten can be found at the shop daily answering individual knitting questions and providing friendly chatter and banter in the knitting room.  It is open to all and is a time where people can gather to knit, chat, and share stories.  


Polly’s presence can be felt in the ever changing appearance and ambiance of the store. She often sneaks in overnight to create a setting that inspires creativity.  

Combining their talents has created a space that serves knitters not only from all over Minnesota but also from all over the world.